Jesus was born in a small rural town roughly 2000 years ago. He was born into a lower-class family, to a teenage virgin mum and lived a relatively quiet life until the age of 30. At this time Jesus began his public ministry.

Throughout the next three years, Jesus performed miracles, preached messages and proclaimed He was God by his word and his works. As promised, Jesus was crucified on a Roman cross to save humanity from sin, Satan and death. On the third day, Jesus rose from death and appeared to hundreds before ascending into the clouds to join his heavenly Father.


Jesus arrived on the stage of human history on a mission - to reveal who God is, to show his reign as King and to reconcile men and women to God.

In reconciling us to God, Jesus lived and died as a sacrificial substitute, living perfectly in the place of sinners, and dying gruesomely in the place of the guilty. Jesus is therefore the saviour of the world, the only way for sinners to be saved from the righteous wrath of God. Jesus accomplished his mission through his death, atoning for our sin, and through his resurrection, rising in victory over Satan, sin and death.


Throughout his ministry, Jesus preached a consistent message. Jesus proclaimed that true life consisted in following him. Jesus calls us to repent of our rebellion, and believe in him. We are to believe that Jesus is our all-satisfying saviour, and that He accomplished his mission in the place of our failure.

For those who believe in him, Jesus promises them eternal life, abundant joy, the help of the Holy Spirit and reconciliation with God the Father. Those who believe in Jesus are freed from their sin, guilt and shame, and commissioned to continue his mission in sacrificially serving the world and proclaiming the good news of Jesus.

One day Jesus will return, and all things will be restored to the praise of his glorious grace.


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